Gaia for JIRA simplifies the creation of JIRA projects and Confluence spaces using your own customized templates

Gaia for JIRA is a plugin designed to help you create JIRA projects and Confluence spaces from predefined combined templates. These templates are fully customizable (you create them) and can be used to instantiate multiple new JIRA+Confluence projects with a default baseline to start with.

This plugin targets team leaders, project managers, architects, project organizers, who ...

  • have a repetitive set of document artifact (checklists, instructions, forms) they need to repeat
  • always use the same project layouts
  • need to reenter the same list of tasks again and again
  • wish to setup an entry level software/system engineering process
  • wish to setup their JIRA Agile project

The plugin is able to connect your Confluence instance with your JIRA projects and alleviate the management tasks.

Gaia for JIRA


  • Repetitive Project with the same list of issues or checklists
  • Creating Confluence Spaces prepopulated with content (document project templates)
  • Software Engineering Processes (Agile, Waterfall, V-Cycle)
  • Engineering Processes (IEC/ISO 29110, 26262, 62304, 61508, etc.)
  • Finance or Insurance Templates